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The basics of color theory



  1. Jane Swire

    I can’t read the article what am I doing wrong?

  2. Carol

    Please send me your “The Basics of Color Theory”. There is nothing showing of the article on this screen. Thanks in advance.


    • Carol & Jane,

      Thank you so much for letting me know there was a problem. I don’t usually pay much attention to newsletters once they’re sent, but there was a broken link in this one.

      The link has been fixed and an updated newsletter sent, so you can read the article now.

      Thanks again for letting me know!


  3. Dee Siffer

    Hi Carrie – Where is the link for the Basics of Color Theory mailed out April 7, 2017?

    Always eager to read your newsletter.

  4. Kerry

    hi Carrie I cannot see or view your article basics of color theory….. is it listed somewhere else? n

    Thank you,
    from a dedicated follower 🙂

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