Portrait of Always in Style
Always In Style
16×20 Oil on Panel
Classic Technique

How long will it take to paint my portrait?

While the answer to this question varies with each portrait, there are a few guidelines that determine the amount of time required to complete a portrait.

Small canvas sizes such as 8″ x 10″ to 14″ x 18″ may take from three to four months from initial review of photographs to signature. That includes painting time and drying time.

Sizes from 16″ x 20″ to 30″ x 40″ may take anywhere from six months to a year.

The more complex the design, the longer the painting will take. A portrait with a simple, tonal background will require less painting time than a portrait that features a farm setting or other specific location.

The final consideration is knowing how many portraits are already on my work calendar when you order yours. If your timing is good and I have no portraits ahead of you, I will be able to get started on your portrait immediately.

Currently, however, there is an “on-call” list and new portraits are being scheduled from two to four months ahead.

ACEO Portrait of Lockkeeper
ACEO Lockkeeper Painting
3-1/2″ x 2-1/2″ Colored Pencil on Paper
Classic Technique

What is your “on-call” list?

The on-call list is my list of clients who are serious enough about portrait work to have paid either the initial one-third payment or have paid a Scheduling Deposit.

The amount of the initial one-third deposit depends on the price of your portrait. In order to know how much this deposit will be, we need to have made some very basic decisions. What size. How complex. What type of background. Many people approach me with a very precise idea of what they want, so working out these details is very easy.

But many more people enter a portrait project with only a vague idea or no real idea at all about the type of portrait they want. All they know for sure is that they would like to have their horse painted in oils and that they would like to have me do the painting.

They also know they want to get onto my work schedule as soon as possible, rather than wait until all the other details are worked out and possibly end up on a long waiting list.

hat is where the Scheduling Deposit comes in. The Scheduling Deposit is a set fee of $100. It tells me you are really serious about the portrait even though you haven’t worked out all the details yet. Basically, it is a place holder while we work out all those other details. When you ready to proceed, you make the initial one-third payment (which we will have calculated by then!) and your portrait begins.

The Scheduling Deposit will be applied to that initial one-third deposit.

Grandfather’s First Love
11×14 Colored Pencil on Mat Board
Direct Painting Technique

How do I know I’ll like the portrait?

Every portrait comes with a satisfaction guarantee.

If you are not completely happy with the finished portrait, return it to me for a refund of the two-thirds balance. The initial one third payment is your earnest deposit and covers the cost of materials and is not refundable.

However, in the interest of creating a truly pleasing portrait, you will be given the opportunity to approve every stage before I proceed to the next. You will have the opportunity to review composition designs and select the one you prefer. You will also have the opportunity to review and approve the preliminary drawing, the under painting and the final painting before delivery. You are encouraged to participate in the process as much or as little as you wish.

In addition, I have been painting portraits of horses for over 30 years and have yet to have a portrait rejected. That is, perhaps, the best guarantee of all.

Portrait of Courtster
16″ x 20″ Colored Pencil on Paper
Classic Technique

Will you frame my painting?

Most paintings are not really complete until they are properly framed. Your portrait is an investment so you will not want to have it framed in any pre-made frame from the local art supply store.

If there is a reputable, custom framer that you trust in your area, the painting can be delivered to you unframed.

In most cases, however, clients prefer to have me take care of the framing for them. That way, they have a painting ready to hang out of the box.

When I frame a portrait for you, I will consult with you on where the painting will be displayed, the decor and any preferences as to wood, type or color. Three to five frame samples will be provided for your selection, along with a digital image of each option and a quote for each option. The price of the frame you select will be added with shipping and will be payable before delivery.

What about the photos I send you?

All photographs are returned with the painting.

Make certain to obtain written permission from the photographer who holds the copyright on any professional photos used. As the artist, I retain the copyright on every painting I do. Other than use in publications such as breed journals for advertising purposes, the painting may not be reproduced in any way without prior written agreement.