The privacy of our visitors and customers is highly valued at Carrie L. Lewis ~ Horse Painter. We do not collect or store private information for any reason beyond processing orders or answering inquiries.

We may be reached easily by regular mail at:

Carrie L. Lewis ~ Horse Painter
122 East First Street
Newton, Kansas 67114-3758

You are also welcome to email us at any time or give us a telephone call at 316/284-2592 from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Central Time, Monday through Saturday.

Our web host does not automatically collect information regarding the domain name or email address of visitors. The visitor’s IP address is collected by our web host only for traffic analysis purposes. This information is accessible only to the site owner and the web hosting company.

Email addresses are collected on a volunteer basis. If you ask for information on portraits or are looking for information on artwork for sale or other services, your email address will be added to our email mailing list, as well as to our print mailing list. You will automatically begin receiving email updates on the paintings or services about which you inquired. If you prefer not to receive such emails, let us know by emailing us.

If you receive unsolicited emailings (known as “spoofing”) claiming to be from our domain name (, turn them into us at the above address.

We collect only the information necessary to complete sales. If you choose to make payment through PayPal, we will not even see your credit card information. Customer information is maintained in an off-line database and includes such items as name, mailing address, confirmation telephone numbers and email addresses, if applicable.

We do not set cookies.

We do not partner with or have special relationships with ad server companies.

We do not sell personal information or provide personal information on our customers to third parties.

Customers may request access to information collected during sales transactions and inquiries (dates of purchases, amounts and types of purchases, etc.). Inaccuracies in contact information, financial information, transaction information and communications will be corrected upon request of the customer. Such requests must be made in writing to our regular mailing address or email address.

The transfer of financial information is conducted through a secure server.