Free Color Wheel & Value Scale Templates

Two free tools you can download and print. Use them as drawing exercise tools or to create reference tools.

Everything You Need to Get Started with Colored Pencils

Tips on what to buy that include types of paper, pencils, and accessories. Includes a free, downloadable and printable supply list.

Colored Pencil Basics for Beginners

Tips for selecting drawing papers, choosing pencils, basic techniques and other questions frequently asked by new colored pencil artists.

3 Basics of Drawing Paper

This article explains three basics concerning colored pencil papers that will affect the way you draw and the way your drawings turn out. It focuses on the surface texture of various types of drawing papers and includes recommendations on what each type of drawing each paper is suited for.

3 Excellent Supports (That Aren’t Paper) for Colored Pencil

Paper isn’t the only thing you can draw on, so this week, let’s take a look at three other surfaces that make for interesting colored pencil artwork. What other options do you have? This article explains three.

5 Differences Between Sanded Art Paper and Traditional Drawing Paper

I’d like to delve into that topic a little more deeply today by describing in brief some of the differences between regular drawing paper and sanded papers.

How to Know When a Drawing is Finished

How do I know when a colored pencil drawing is finished? I thought my drawing was done, but the more I look at it, the more I think it needs more work. Am I seeing things? How can I finish it if it isn’t finished?

Do You Really Need to Varnish Colored Pencil Art?

Aside from personal preference, there are good reasons to varnish colored pencil artwork and there are reasons not to. Personal reasons for varnishing colored pencil drawings or not varnishing them are as varied as artists are. The purpose of this post is to look at some professional reasons for and against varnishing colored pencil art.

Do Colored Pencil Drawings Have to be Framed Under Glass?

Glass is so expensive. Are there any other options for framing colored pencil drawings?

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