This week’s topic for EmptyEasel is my favorite podcasts and video channels for colored pencil artists. I chose that topic for two reasons:

1: It’s the beginning of the year, so the first week was taken up with things like studio inventory, assembling tax documentation (or at least getting started), and working on goals and ideas for 2017.

Those are all good things to do, but they don’t leave much time for creativity.

Like writing article for EmptyEasel.

2. I kicked off my EmptyEasel year for 2015 by sharing 5 blogs that I recommended for every serious artist. Why not do the same thing this year? That 2015 list left literally hundreds of art and art-related blogs unmentioned, so it would be easy to do another list of recommended blogs without repeating anything.

But I decided to give this year’s list a bit of a twist.

My Favorite Podcasts and Video Channels for Colored Pencil Artists

The result is a list of my favorite podcasts and video channels for colored pencil artists at all levels. Some of them specialize in colored pencil; most of them feature colored pencil as one of multiple mediums. Some even do a little mixed media with colored pencil.

So if you’re looking for a podcast or video channel to help you do better colored pencil work, check out my favorites this week on EmptyEasel.