How to Create an Accurate Drawing Using the Grid Method

It’s a painstaking job to draw an accurate grid by hand, which is why I prefer to print this grid on my paper whenever possible. However, in this case the size of this portrait (16×20) makes it too large to print—so I did have to hand-draw it.

Today I’m going to describe my actual drawing process. Although I’m using a dog portrait as a demonstration piece, this method works with any subject.

Luckily, this grid is square, which made calculating it’s size and placement fairly easy. I just needed to decide how large the grid should be on my paper before using a ruler or straight-edge to put the grid in place.

NOTE: A good rule of thumb when drawing portraits is that the subject should take up at least half of the width of the paper. Since the width of my paper is 16 inches, 8 inches is as small as the grid should be. Read More