In the previous post, I shared some of the mistakes I made when I was learning how to draw with colored pencils. None of them were particularly original and all of them were recoverable.

But lessons are learned with every drawing or painting. Sometimes I do a drawing with the goal of learning a new technique or experimenting with new colors.

Sometimes, the lessons just happen.

Such was the case with a small colored pencil landscape I did some time ago, West of Bazaar. I wrote about those lessons for EmptyEasel.

7 Lessons Learned from a Simple Drawing

Every drawing should be more than just a pretty piece of art. . . it should also represent your progress as an artist. Ideally, a look back at your work should tell a story of the lessons you’ve learned and the skills you’ve gained.

These lessons don’t even need to be mind-blowing or game-changing. Not at all! Just accumulate enough seemingly insignificant lessons and you could set yourself up for a break-through moment.

A few years ago, I did (what was, for me at that time) quite an experimental drawing. It was simply a smaller than normal landscape, on a surface I didn’t regularly use, but I’ve never forgotten the lessons I learned because of that drawing.

Here are a few of those lessons. Read More