Everyone reaches a point in life when they wish they would have known earlier what they know today. That describes me. There are some lessons for using colored pencils that I would have liked to have known from the beginning.

When I first started dabbling with colored pencils, I’d already been oil painting for many years. I didn’t want a replacement medium, I just wanted a medium that was easier to travel with AND allowed me to create the kind of detailed work I was painting with oils.

Valuable Lessons for Using Colored Pencils-3

Colored pencils checked both those boxes. They were definitely easier—and neater—to travel with than oil paints, and they were made for detailed work.

What they weren’t made for was speed. A background that took 30 to 60 minutes to paint with oil paints took hours to draw with colored pencil. Even then, they never looked finished in colored pencil—there were always specks of paper showing through. Disappointed, I gave up on colored pencils after just a few weeks.

Actually, I gave up on them several times.

Fortunately, something kept drawing me back (pun intended) and I’ve learned some valuable lessons about colored pencils that I’d like to share with you today. Read the full article on EmptyEasel.