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Personalized Art Instruction

With the busy—dare I say hectic?—schedules many of us keep, we don’t have time for formal art training. Even one night a week at the local community college can require more time than you have. That’s where personalized art instruction plays a major role.

All the courses and lessons I offer can be completed in your time and in your own studio. I offer lesson downloads that you can buy and work through at your leisure. If you want something more, personalized art lessons by email are available one at a time or in packages to suit your time and budget.

And if you’d prefer to work with me one and one (by email) on the project of your choice, full up courses are also available.

Personalized Lessons

Personalized lessons on the topic of your choice via email. Having problems with a current project? Need help with a specific technique or tool? Personalized lessons are a perfect fit! $10 each or purchase multiple lessons and save.

Beginning to Intermediate Artists

Single lessons: $10 each

Six Lesson Package: $50

Fifteen Lesson Package: $100

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Online Art Courses

Online Colored Pencil Course

Full up course in colored pencil. Covers everything from beginning a new project to finishing it. Personalized instruction. Choose your own subject. Work at your own pace.

Beginning to Advanced Artists

Two options for study are available.

One project: $135
Two projects: $225

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Personalized Art Critiques

Step-by-step critiques of works-in-progress and finished works have always been part of the online art course experience.

But you don’t have to be a student to get a personalized critique of a current project.

For as little as $15 per crit, you can have any phase of any artwork analyzed for accuracy in drawing, composition, color work, or problem solving.


  1. Sharon Nelson

    I’m on a limited income and I can’t afford your courses I was wondering if you have a printed book that I could buy because I’ve gone online and looked at your stuff and I really liked what I saw especially the part about the underpainting for colored pencils because I’m new to this

    • Sharon,

      I don’t have printed books, but there are two colored pencil ebooks available. One of them is free, though the content is also duplicated on the blog. It’s a two-part series and begins here.

      The other book describes the direct method of color application.

      You can take a look at both books on the books page.

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