Fine art and photography have a lot of things in common.

They’re visual

They share common subjects

They rely heavily on composition

Color and value play important roles in fine art and photography

Color is the subject for today. The post I want to share comes from Digital Photography School and it’s all about tips for creating portraits with eye-popping color in the creation phase.

How to Make Colors Pop In Your Artwork

Post production—using PhotoShop or other software packages to change or enhance images—is a more likely option for photography than with art, but this post is about setting up photo portraits to get the most from color from the start.

And that’s what makes it important for all artists.  The author, Emily Supiot, shares composition tips for photographers that will help you create more vibrant, eye-catching artwork, no matter what medium you use.

And if you compose with your camera, her tips will be even more helpful.

She is a portrait artist, so her tips are written for photographers, but no matter what type of art you make—or your chosen subjects—these tips will help you produce artwork with vibrant, eye-catching color.