Ever wonder what you need to get started with colored pencil? I mean, the absolute, bare bones minimum?

Get Started with Colored Pencil

It may seem unnecessary to write an entire article about the tools of the colored pencil artist. I mean, they’re so basic. Pencils, paper, sharpener, eraser. What else do you need?

The plain and simple truth is that you really don’t need anything else. That’s what makes colored pencils so appealing to a non-artist who wants to try his or her hand at making art. Getting started really is relatively easy—and inexpensive. Any colored pencil, any sharpener, and any kind of paper will suffice. You can find those almost anywhere.

But what if you’re serious about learning colored pencils? What do you need to buy? And what do you need to know?

Let’s tackle this matter in an orderly, two-part fashion. First, a quick primer on pencils and paper, followed by a look at some of the more unusual tools a serious beginner might want to consider (and might already have around the house.) Read the full article.