Trees have been a favorite subject in my life sketches the last few weeks. Bark, interesting features, leaves, branches. I’ve used my favorite 6B Turquoise pencil on a variety of tree related subjects.

I continued drawing and sketches trees and their parts in September, but I used different tools for the sketch I’m featuring in this post.

Pen & Ink Drawing of a Tree

This drawing is a pen & ink sketch, mostly because I found myself waiting in the car and without a pencil. The only drawing tools in my purse was a Bic Stic, so that’s what I used.

This is a very quick sketch. I had only eight minutes, so I was pleased with the results.

While I would have much preferred my trusty 6B pencil, it was fun and informative to experiment with lines and using different types of lines to create mulch, grass, and bark.

The moral to this sketch? There are two.

  • Never leave home without a pencil
  • If you do leave home without a pencil, try whatever you have with you

This sketch is also not 6B graphite, but I made this decision voluntarily. That is to say, I left the house with a handful of colored pencils and set about finding something to draw.

Color study in colored pencil

This drawing is a revisit to a favorite graphite drawing from August. When I decided to do some colored pencil sketching, this was the first thing I wanted to draw.

I used four Prismacolor Thick Lead pencils for this study. Jasmine, Bronze, Light Umber, and Dark Umber. In and around the “opening”, I began with a light to medium light layer of Jasmine. Inside the opening, I used the point of the pencil and vertical strokes. Around the opening, I used the side of the pencil.

From that point, I worked light to dark with layers of Bronze, Light Umber, and Dark Umber. Some of the surrounding areas are only Light and Dark Umber.

It took an hour to do this color study, so I focused most of my attention on the center of interest.

In keeping with the somewhat fantas-ical impressions of this subject, I enhanced the color and lighting.