We’ve had gorgeous weather the last few days. Windy (it is Kansas) and warm (it is spring). Thomas has gotten extra time outside and I’ve taken my sketch pad and pencils along, too.

I’m contemplating an article on plein aire drawing with colored pencils for publication with EmptyEasel, so rather than doing graphite drawing, I’ve been taking a handful of colored pencils and seeing what I could come up with. Obviously, I can’t show you all of those drawings, since some of them are in reserve for EmptyEasel.

But I can share this one.

Colored Pencil sketch of Magic Lily

This is a Magic Lily. The foliage comes up in the Spring, then dies down. Mid-summer, a single stalk appears on which four or five pink flowers appear. They’re commonly known as “Naked Ladies” because they bloom without the “clothing” of leaves.

This plant is growing near the back porch. I spent about 40 minutes on it and it’s nowhere near complete. But the center of interest (the leaf that leans to the right) is as complete as I could make it and enough other leaves are well enough completed that if I wanted to do a studio study, I’d be able to do it.

I used a handful of pencils that included Verithin, Prismacolor Thick Lead, and Faber-Castell Art Grip. The drawing is on my small drawing pad (6×9). I glazed the shape of the plant with Limepeel using medium pressure, then began building color and value. I even tried burnishing with Verithin pencils. To my surprise, that worked very well. Learn something new every day!