Previous From the Drawing Board posts have featured things I’ve drawn for fun or in idle time. With one exception, I’ve not posted anything attached to a painting.

This month, I’m taking a brief departure from that habit for a couple of reasons.

The first reason is a new project I want to do for myself. This new painting is also being painted with the idea of creating a new art book from the process. (Sorry, no detailed work-in-progress posts here….).

The second reason is the condition of my daily schedule. Lots of new things are going on right now and a lot of existing projects are being wrapped up. Time is of prime importance right now and that means I’m making everything possible do double duty.

So the drawing I’m featuring this month is not something drawn in idle time. It’s a freehand drawing of the subject for my new painting.

The subject is an older horse I photographed years ago. This old guy had the typical lazy lip and wrinkles, but there’s also nobility and dignity about him. Those are the things I want to capture in the painting and what I’m working on even now, with this 20-minute sketch.

Original horse sketch

I had thought about tucking up his lower lip for the painting, but I’m not so sure now. That is part of his look, after all. So I think I’ll paint him as I saw him.

By the way, one of the new things is a new blog. A writing friend and I launched a new writing blog Saturday, February 1. Indie Plot Twist is dedicated to chronicling our journey to independent publication. The blog is directed at the writers out there who are interested in publication but who, for one reason or another, prefer to go the independent route.

If that describes you, I hope you’ll join us at Indie Plot Twist.

In the meantime, now that the blog is live, I’m hoping my studio schedules resumes some appearance of normalcy!