I took a “vacation” from drawing outside in November because the weather was a mixed bag of cold wind and dampness and because a busy schedule consumed outdoor drawing time. I did a few outdoor sketches early in the month, then, before I knew it, the month was gone and so was the pleasant weather.

In the search for life drawing subjects, I turned to the indoors after Thanksgiving. Quite naturally, I came up with subjects connected to the Christmas season.

Colored lights have fascinated me since I was old enough to appreciate them. I still love walking around the neighborhoods, enjoying Christmas decorations of all kinds. Neal and I have walked miles crisscrossing our part of town on a cold winter’s night.

This particular light bulb is indoors, though. And it wasn’t glowing brightly when I drew it. It wasn’t the light of the bulb but the reflections on it that caught my attention.

I used a 6B Turquoise drawing pencil to lay down value and a finger tip to blend. Though it’s not perfect, I’m pleased with the way it turned out.

Graphite Drawing of a Christmas Light

Christmas recalls to mind walks in the winter landscape of home. Those memories are the basis for the next drawing.

You might recognize the general composition from a couple of small format paintings I did many years ago. Fresh Snow – Afternoon and Fresh Snow – Evening are based on the same photograph.

Although I didn’t work from a photograph to do this drawing, I did rely heavily on my memory of the photograph and of the actual setting.

I spent about an hour with a 6B pencil to draw this study. I used fingers and paper towel for most of the blending, but also used a blending stump on the tree in the foreground. Some of the highlights in the tree were lifted with a Pink Pearl Eraser. The middle ground shadows are smudges I added by rubbing the paper towel across the drawing paper after blending other areas.

Graphite Drawing of a Winter Landscape

This is the last From the Drawing Board update for 2013, so I offer it with early Christmas greetings and anticipation of a new year of drawing. Inside and out.

Early Christmas greetings to you and happy drawing.