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Favorite Artists – John D. Morrison

Beaumont Fence
My recommended artist for today is not a paint-and-brush sort of artist, but he is definitely an artist.

His tools are a digital SLR camera and a printer.

His subject is the Flint Hills and other locations in Kansas.

His name is John D. Morrison, of Wichita, Kansas and he works under the name Prairie Vistas.

After April Showers
I first met John two or three years ago, during a Final Friday Gallery Crawl in Wichita. His panoramas of the Flint Hills — a land I fell in love with upon first seeing it under a dusting of snow in December, 2001 and have been awed by since — were just as breathtaking as the land itself.

Some of the places and scenes he had photographed were places Neal and I had visited personally and seen first hand. Having seen the original subject in no way reduced the impact of the fine art photography. It only made them more personal.

If you are looking for wide open vistas, layers of light and shadow or dramatic skies towering over vast landscapes, the best thing to do is visit the Flint Hills in person.

If that’s not possible, the next best thing is a tour through the online galleries of John D. Morrison.



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  1. Thanks for sharing his work. Always enjoy seeing Flint Hills work promoted!

    Dr. Bill 😉

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