All last month, we talked about background options for colored pencil drawings. I had intended to include tips on fast and easy backgrounds, but was led in a different direction by your questions. So we talked about how to draw a clear sky, how to draw a bokeh background, and tips for deciding the best background for your next drawing. All good topics, but not much that’s fast or easy.

Until this week.

More Fast & Easy Backgrounds for Colored Pencil Drawings

But in this week’s article for EmptyEasel,  I shared ideas for fast and easy backgrounds. Ideas that you may have thought of already, but some that may be new to you. Things like using pencil shavings or your favorite beverage to color a background. Curious? Read all about more fast and easy backgrounds on EmptyEasel.

The article was a follow up on an article from a couple years back. That list included really simple things like using colored papers or mat board, lightly tinting paper with colored pencil, and using other media with better covering power than pencils (watercolor, ink, etc). Things I’ve mentioned numerous times on this blog, but ideas that should never be far from your mind. If you’d like a refresher, read Fast & Easy Background Options for Colored Pencil Drawings here on EmptyEasel.