What is the first thing you do when you’re planning new project?

For most artists, the first step in the process is deciding the size and shape of the new artwork. Sometimes, that’s determined by the subject and sometimes by a client, especially if you’re a portrait artist.

After that, what comes next? Do you know what to do once the size has been determined? How do you find the best placement for the image on the drawing paper?

Image of mat on paper

In Setting Up a New Drawing: How to Measure and Create Borders on Your Paper this week on EmptyEasel.com,  I describe how I measure and a mark the dimensions of new artwork on paper. The article includes step-by-step illustrations on measuring, marking, and drawing. I also share the method I use to calculate how wide the margins should be on each side to create a centered drawing space, no matter what size the drawing is.

Click on over to EmptyEasel.com to read the article. I think you’ll find it helpful for any work you do on paper.

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