Nothing in life is perfect and there is no way to make things perfect. Unfortunately, there isn’t even a way to keep things in like-new condition after they’ve been used.

What applies to life in general, applies to colored pencil work in specific.

One of the worst things that can happen to any colored pencil artist (or any artist) is to spill, slosh, or drop something on a work in progress. Especially something that has the potential to stain.

Do you know what to do when that happens to you?

In this week’s article on EmptyEasel, I share two basic tips for dealing with stains on your paper. The solution is easier than you might think and the problem isn’t as serious as it may appear at first glance.

Read How to Remove Stains from Watercolor or Drawing Paper here to learn how to deal with paper stains.

Then come on back and let me know what methods you may have discovered or developed for responding to stained paper. You’re welcome to ask questions as well. Just leave your question or comment in the comment box below.