Stains can be a dry media artist’s worst nightmare. Coffee, tea, juices, and many soft drinks can cause stains on paper and damage to drawings.

In the first article in this series, I talked about first response methods for dealing with stains (read that article here). The second article focused on the more aggressive method of using bleach to fade stains (read that article here). In both articles, the demonstrations involved paper that had not yet been drawn on.

But, what if you spill something on a work-in-progress or on a finished drawing? That’s the topic of How to Remove Spills & Stains From a Work-in-Progress Drawing.

The article includes tips on removing stains from drawings and what to do if you can’t remove the stain. I do recommend a couple of “drastic measures”!

The full article is available at You can read it here.

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This article concludes my series on dealing with stains, so if you have a burning question about colored pencil that you’ve always wanted to ask, this is the place.  I’ll answer it as quickly as I can and who knows? It might turn up as a new article here or on EmptyEasel!