It’s the first Saturday in the month, so it’s time to share a couple of sketches from July.

I didn’t get as much sketching time in July as I’d hoped for a couple of reasons, but I did get in some good sketching. Two of them are the feature for this week.

The first sketch is an indoor sketch. This is a portion of the corn plant I inherited early this year.

I  enjoyed watching field corn grow when I was a youngster on the dairy farm, walking through the fields as the summer progressed.

So when I had the opportunity to bring this plant home, I took it. The plant is between 20 and 25 years old, if I remember correctly. It sits in front of a south facing window and the light hits all those semi-glossy, smoothly curving leaves in the most intriguing fashion.

I used a gray colored pencil for this sketch. Prismacolor 962, to be exact. Warm Grey Medium. What you see here is all pencil work. I used pencil work only—no blending or smudging—to capture lighting and values.sketch of corn plant

On Saturday, July 20, I sketched the towering monster shown below. It was visible through a batch of trees, which framed it nicely and limited the amount of sky visible. I didn’t sketch the trees and didn’t have much time to sketch the clouds because I was waiting for Neal, who was in a store. Five or ten minutes, tops.

Little did I know then that we’d end the month with Spring-like rainfall and temperatures to match. April in July. When you’re in the middle of a drought, you take the rain whenever it comes!

I used a Turquoise 2H–a hard-leaded drawing pencil–to do the on-site sketch, then added shadows from memory with a Turquoise F and some finger blending.

sketch of clouds

In case you’re wondering, this is a companion sketch to the sketch developed for the mini drawing clinic on thunderheads from last week.

It’s also an excellent reminder to keep a small sketch pad and pencil with you all the time. Both of these were drawn in a 9″ x 6″ drawing pad that’s small enough to fit into my purse. You never know when you’ll see something that is crying to be drawn or sketched.

Even in the middle of a grocery shopping trip!