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What is Your Biggest Colored Pencil Problem?

What is your biggest colored pencil problem? What do you most want help with?

You love drawing with colored pencils, but it’s not all a bowl of cherries, is it? I’ve been there and know we all face at least one challenge. Most of us deal with more than one.

Creating art can be a frustrating and painful process.

Colored pencils are, by their nature, capable of causing artists a seemingly endless amount of creative pain.

For me, it’s the time it takes to create even small drawings. I love the medium and I love the way a well-done colored pencil drawing can look. But it takes so much time.

What about you? When it comes to colored pencils, colored pencil art, or any part of the process,

What is Your Biggest Colored Pencil Problem


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  1. Bev Symonds

    Good question, Carrie! I have more than just one pain point, but that’s another story 😉
    The biggest pain for me (being just an amateur – very) is getting to a place where I have absolutely no clue what to do next! I do read – everything I can find that you have written, search the “net” for something to point the way but information seems to be scarce. It’s that place where I’m asking myself….do I burnish now? do I wait & add more layers? If I do burnish, should I use solvent or a burnisher? Most of my stuff has hit the fireplace at this point . . . . . sigh!
    Oh well, Rome wasn’t built in a day, so they tell us. lol!
    Thanks for listening to me minge & whine!

    • Bev,

      Thank you for starting the discussion!

      You’ve hit upon a topic that I hadn’t even considered and yet, as I look back, I can see most of my work has reached that point. I don’t suppose it will be much encouragement to you, but every artist gets there on some drawing once in a while.

      The even more discouraging note is that the answer to “what do I do next” isn’t always the same. As you so aptly pointed out, it may be more layers of color or it may be a solvent blend or it may be burnishing.

      I hope the occasions on which the fireplace is the answer get fewer and fewer!


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