Afternoon Graze
8×10 Colored Pencil
Bristol 146 lb. Regular Surface, White

With this post, focus shifts from the landscape to the horses with the horse in back, the black horse.

I began by establishing the base color with Dark Brown. Using medium light pressure and a variety of strokes, I glazed color into the shadows and darker middle tones.

Next I added reflected light over the back, rump, and the top of the tail followed by layers of Blue Slate, Non Photo Blue, and Powder Blue. I stroked along the contours with medium to medium heavy pressure for each color.

I also glazed Blue Slate into the flank above the shadow along the muscle mass. I used light pressure and a slightly blunt pencil, since I didn’t want or need well defined edges.

Next, I added Yellow Ochre in the highlights over the hip, on the front of the legs, and around the belly and back of the flank. For the highlight along the hip and the front of the legs, I used medium heavy pressure. In the reflected light areas of the belly and flank, I used a slightly blunt pencil and medium pressure.

Terra Cotta was then glazed over all of the shadows, middle tones, and highlights. I used a sharp pencil, tight circular or directional strokes, and medium pressure to lay down color.

In the lower hind legs, I applied alternating layers of Terra Cotta, Indigo Blue, and Dark Brown to build black. The lighted parts of the legs were then burnished with Cream and the shadows with Powder Blue.

The next step was a bit of drawing correction in the form of a “tummy tuck”.  I applied Apple Green in short, vertical strokes to reshape the belly. The former line was further blurred by adding new reflected ground light with Apple Green, which I next glazed with Limepeel and Yellow Ochre.

Once I was satisfied with the corrections, I went back to work on the rest of the horse. In the darkest areas, I used Dark Brown and Indigo Blue. In the middle tones, Dark Brown, Terra Cotta and either Yellow Ochre or Powder Blue depending on whether the value was warm or cool. In the light areas, I used Yellow Ochre and Terra Cotta.

The tail is almost entirely Black, Indigo Blue, and Dark Brown, but I added strokes of Terra Cotta toward the ends of the hair and combinations of Powder Blue, Blue Slate, and White at the top to give the tail visual interest.

I added Yellow Ochre and Terra Cotta to the highlights over the hip, then burnished with a colorless blender. I also burnished along the edge of the reflected light, but didn’t burnish the reflected light itself.

After burnishing, I used White and heavy pressure to add a touch of brighter highlight at the hip and Yellow Ochre and heavy pressure to add a muted highlight in the shadow.

On the stretch of skin between back leg and belly, I stroked Powder Blue with heavy pressure, then used Yellow Ochre, Terra Cotta, and Dark Brown to soften the highlight before burnishing with the colorless blender and the back half of the black horse was done.

I also used Verithin Orange, Verithin Tuscan Red, and Verithin Terra Cotta in that order to add color to the tail of the chestnut horse.

Afternoon Graze, Original Colored Pencil Landscape, April 9, 2013

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