Reader Questions Colored Pencil

Kerry Hubick asks today’s question.

Can you photo copy an art picture that has been done on Canson Mi Tientes colored paper? I think the color [of the paper] is called Hemp.

Thank you for the question, Kerry. It’s a great question.

reader q & a bannerCan I reproduce drawings I’ve done on colored paper?

Yes. You can photocopy such a drawing. Any drawing on any type of paper (or other support) can be reproduced. The results may vary, but reproduction is most certainly possible.

For the best results, check with a printing company that routinely does high-quality printing. I’ve had reproductions made of line drawings and oil paintings at a local blue print company. They’re able to do high-quality, low-cost images directly from the art work or from high-resolution digital images. I’ve had line drawings copied full size (24×36) to send to portrait clients for approval. The same company has also printed 8×10 color reproductions of paintings from a high-resolution digital image.

In every case, I’ve been happy with the reproduction and with the cost, which has been very low.

The reason I suggest a local company first is accessibility and promptness. It’s much more convenient to be able to visit a brick-and-mortar business, hand over the artwork or image on CD, and wait while they do the printing. With the line drawing in particular, we saved a lot of time by being able to approve the final reproduction right then.

But that’s not the only option.

If you have high-resolution digital images of the artwork, you can also upload the image to a company like Fine Art America and order a reproduction from them. The advantage to Fine Art America is that you can open an account for free and list up to 30 images, which will then be available for purchase world-wide. They offer a wide variety of supports from basic paper to canvas to metal and acrylic. You can also market reproductions in a number of sizes and if you’re interested in merchandising your artwork, you can do that, too.

Any other online printing company may also be a good resource. If you’ve already had business cards, post cards, or posters printed online, check that supplier to see if they do larger printing jobs. If they do, the advantage is lower cost. The disadvantage is that you may very well need to place a minimum order.

With any online option, you also have to pay for shipping, but if there isn’t a local printer capable of doing the work, an online company may be your best solution.

Colored Paper or White?

When it comes to getting reproductions of drawings on colored paper, you can use colored paper for the reproduction, but you don’t have to. All of the colors in the original drawing will reproduce. Even the color of the paper. If the company you choose for printing is reputable, they will have printing equipment capable of accurately reproducing every color.

But you can also have reproductions printed on colored paper. That will affect the way the reproductions look, so keep that in mind.

Are you thinking about having reproductions made of your work? If so, what’s your most pressing concern right now? Leave you question in the comment box below.