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Buckles & Belts in Colored Pencil, Week 8

Photo reference for colored pencil painting, Buckles & Belts in CP
Original Colored Pencil Painting
11 x 14 Rising Stonehenge Paper, 90lb, Pearl Grey

It was a great week in the studio, but a pretty thin week for Buckles & Belts in Colored Pencil. Monday is the only day I had time to work on it.

Colors Used: (Prismacolor) Dark Brown, Black Cherry, Indigo Blue, Black, Sky Blue Light, Slate Gray, French Grey 20%, White, Colorless Blender; Verithin White

Original Colored Pencil Painting, Buckles & Belts in CP

I worked throughout the horse with a layer each of Dark Brown, Black Cherry and, in the darker areas, Black. These colors were applied primarily over the shadows and darkest areas, where I’m working toward the final colors and saturation. There is already a significant amount of color on the surface, so I’m using a pressure rating between 7 and 9. Not quite burnishing, but getting close.

After that, most of the work was focused on the eyes. I began by altering the shape of the off side eye, adding a little bulk to it and correcting the contour.

I also finished or nearly finished the near eye with heavy layers of Indigo Blue and Black over the eye ball, a highlighting with Sky Blue Light, which I also applied to the rim of the lower eye lid. Darker colors were used around the eye and in the cast shadow below the eye.

I also used Slate Gray to begin adding reflected light in the shadow around the eye, particularly in front of the eye. A few additional eye lashes were stroked in with Verithin White.

I’m not sure the eye is done, but it’s looking pretty good.

I think the next step in the process will be painting the bridle. Heavy pressure and an almost ‘impasto’ application of color is what I’m planning. Hopefully at the beginning of next week.

After that, it will be a matter of continuing to build color until the painting is finished.


Buckles & Belts in Colored Pencil, Trouble Shooting


Buckles & Belts in Colored Pencil, Week 9


  1. Rachel

    Greetings. Wonderful painting. May I ask what kind of paper/board are you using for colored pencil? Also, what is the name of the blender tool you used? Thanks.

    • Rachel,

      Thank you for visiting my blog and for leaving a comment.

      The paper I used for this drawing is Rising Stonehenge. The paper is pearl gray in color and has a weight of 90lb.

      But I also sometimes use archival or museum quality mat board and have tried a variety of other papers including UArt sanded art papers and a few very high quality commercial papers.

      Since my work focuses on a high level of detail and realism, I look for low-texture papers or mat boards. Since I want my drawings to be as archival as possible, I also use only archival quality papers for the finished work.

      The blending tool I use most often is a Prismacolor Colorless Blender. It’s basically a colored pencil without pigment and it works great for any colored pencil that’s wax-based, as Prismacolors are.

      Thanks again for reading.

      Carrie L. Lewis

  2. Rachel

    Hello. I appreciate so much your informative answer.. I’ve been looking and searching for this answer, you helped me a lot. Thank you and good luck!

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