Photo reference for colored pencil painting, Buckles & Belts in CP
Original Colored Pencil Painting
11 x 14 Rising Stonehenge Paper, 90lb, Pearl Grey

I am delighted to report that this will be the final weekly report in this series.

Yes! The painting is finished.

Original Painting, Buckles & Belts in Colored Pencil by Carrie L. Lewis
Colors Used: (Prismacolor) White, Sky Blue Light, Goldenrod, Mineral Orange, Dark Brown, Black
(Verithin) White

The first thing I did today was photograph the painting as it looked after the last previous session and prepare the digital image. I wanted to see if anything showed up in the digital version that was not obvious in the real life version. The short answer? No.

Then I looked over the painting to see if there were areas to correct. The crop on Saturday’s image included some areas that haven’t been finished so I needed to decide whether to include those areas ‘as is’ in the final crop, to include them but finish them, or to exclude them. There was no clear answer.

So I layered color over parts of the horse’s face and neck, glazed Goldenrod over the throatlatch and tweaked the hardware and eye, then considered the painting finished. I applied multiple layers of each of the colors listed above and used whatever strokes worked best to get the result I was after.

Original Painting, Buckles & Belts in Colored Pencil by Carrie L. Lewis

I’m not sure yet what the final crop will look like. That most likely won’t be decided until I have it fitted for a mat. It will probably be something like this, which creates a 10″ x 10″ painting.

The only left to do is find a place to sign it and find the project that will replace it on the easel.

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