Welcome back. We’re now up to the fourth installment, but before we get started, if you missed any of the previous posts, you can find them here.

Now for this week’s installment.

Aeropostale Drawing in Colored PencilThe drawing as shown here has reached the stage at which I began thinking about finishing individual areas. I have been working on the neck so I could finish the mane and concentrate on the center of interest–the head and face.

It was my intention to complete that work in this session.

But when I sat down to begin, I had a change of heart and started with the muzzle instead.

I marked out the areas that have a blue cast with blue slate, which is a grayish-blue color that’s ideal for drawing grays. That was followed with light umber to warm related mid-tone areas and to begin building the shapes defining the nostril, lips and mouth. That involved a high level of detail in a relatively small area, so when I finished with light umber, I switched to yellow ochre, which I glazed over the rest of the areas that weren’t clear highlights or deep shadows. The change of pace and working method was just the break my eyes, hands, and mind needed.

The drawing then took yet another detour when I decided to work on the background again. Something I had not been planning.

The reason for this detour was the off side ear. The shape of that ear bothered me for some time, so I decided to fix it. Fortunately, the ear was too big, so that meant adding background colors to trim it to proper size and shape.

I used grass green, apple green, dark green, and violet blue to trim the ear and blend the new background into the previous work.

Aeropostale Drawing in Colored PencilI also worked on the neck, particularly the dark areas under the mane and at the base of the neck. There are a lot of subtle value shifts in those areas and they will have to be carefully rendered to avoid creating a mass of flat, shapeless color.

When I finished for the session, the drawing looked as it is shown here. Considering its unorthodox lifespan so far, it’s shaping up very nicely. I can begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel. This one is almost done!

Stay tuned for the next update! The plan is to finish the drawing then, but the way things have gone so far, I’m not holding my breath!

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