Without the use of solvents or water soluble pencils, there’s only one way to put colored pencil onto paper. One stroke at a time.

But did you know there are many different pencil strokes you can use.

Did you know there are some ways to put colored pencil on paper that don’t directly involve pencils?

Even those of us who find the drawing process relaxing and enjoyable want to make the best possible use of our time and our pencils. The best way to do that is to understand how each different pencil stroke contributes to your drawing—or takes away from it.

3 Articles About Colored Pencil Strokes You Don't Want to Miss


You can never know too many ways to put color on paper. Over the past year or two, I’ve described several of the pencil strokes I use most often in my drawings. Just this week, I wrote about a new method in which you don’t even touch the drawing paper with your pencils!

The 5 Basic Colored Pencil Strokes

In this article, I demonstrate five of the most basic colored pencil strokes. Master these and you’ll be able to draw anything in almost any style.

Let Your Pencils Do More of the Work, With These 3 Advanced Pencil Strokes

Knowing the basics is only the beginning. When it comes to colored pencils, you also need to know a few more advanced strokes in order to create realistic drawings that don’t take weeks or months to draw.

Using Tissue Paper for Ultra-smooth Colored Pencil Drawings

That’s right! Tissue paper!

Are you trying to get delicate colors, values, and gradations in your colored pencil work with no success?

Maybe it’s time to try drawing with tissue paper.