Where can I find good art classes?

That’s one of the most frequently asked questions among those who take my semi-annual surveys. All of us want to learn more about making the best use of our colored pencils.

Unfortunately, the answers are so varied and specific to location, what you want to learn, and how much time and money you have to spend that it’s impossible to offer you a complete list.

That’s the bad news. The good news is that I can give you general advice and where to begin looking for art classes that fit your needs, schedule, and budget!


Lets take a look.

Local Art Courses & Art Classes

If you want personal instruction in a physical classroom or studio setting, the first place to start is your local community. If there’s a local gallery, check with them first. Galleries often host art  classes on a weekly or monthly basis. The gallery provides the classroom space for artists to teach regular classes or one-time workshops. Quite often, the gallery handles enrollment, too, so you may be able to check out several classes with a single call or visit.

Community centers are also good places to look for art classes. These are more likely to be of general interest and very basic in what they teach, but if you’re just getting started or want to brush up on your skills, they can be ideal.

Believe it or not, you might also want to inquire at the local public library. Although library classes are usually geared more toward reading and books, they do sometimes host art classes. Our public library hosted a weekly art trading card group for some time.

Artists also sometimes teach classes or private lessons in their own studios. Classes may be offered as a short series or as long-term classes. I’ve led independent study classes, for example. Students attended when they were able and worked on their own projects, but had the opportunity to get help and instruction from me when they wanted it. The camaraderie was also great for encouragement.

Prices range from free (local library) through $20 to $30 per week for ongoing classes to $100 or more for private lessons, depending on the artist and the skill level of the class or workshop.

Online Art Classes & Courses


Online art courses and lessons can be the perfect way to learn new art skills for busy artists and art students.

Internet art courses cover a variety of topics and take a number of forms. With many, students get personalized instruction from the artist with the medium of their choice and many courses are tailored to the student’s needs. With my online art courses, students choose their own subjects, work at their own speed, and course work focuses on whatever students most want help with. This type of art course is usually more expensive.

Online courses of this type routinely average $100 to $300 per course.

Other online art courses are designed more like internet art classrooms. Craftsy.com has a number of colored pencil courses available.  All students work on the same project and learn the same methods, as presented by the instructor. Classes are organized into a series of short videos that focus on a specific area of the project and ends with an assignment.

The wonderful thing about this type of learning is that students are encouraged to post questions and assignments. They also interact with one another so students gain from the feedback of other artists as well as the instructor.

This type of instruction is less expensive. Craftsy.com colored pencil courses range in price from $19.99 to $39.99. If you sign for their free newsletter, you’ll also receive notification of sales and special offerings.

Another good site is Udemy. A search for colored pencil drawing yields courses ranging from basic drawing techniques for new artists to more advanced courses. Udemy courses range from $20 to $85.

Many artists also conduct online drawing courses through their blogs or websites. That’s how I do mine. If there’s an artist whose work you admire, contact them and see if they offer classes or courses by internet. If they don’t, they may know another artist who does.

Or they may decide to start offering courses!

There are many other places to look for art instruction. I’ll be publishing more on those in the near future, so stayed tuned.