Many of you know I’ve been writing for EmptyEasel for over two years. Most of my articles are focused on colored pencil tips, techniques, and demonstrations, but I’ve also written on business and general topics.

This week, EmtpyEasel posted a list of the ten most-pinned articles on Pinterest. The list went on to the EmptyEasel email newsletter, which is published each Sunday.

Three of my articles are among the ten most-pinned articles, beginning with How to Blend Colored Pencil Drawings with Rubbing Alcohol, which ranks at number 1.

The Horse Painter link to that article is also in the Top 10 most frequently visited articles on this blog, so it’s a popular article.

Thank you to everyone who has read these articles and pinned them or shared them in other ways. Thank you for your loyal readership and continued support.

I welcome your comments on other subjects you’d like to see featured on EmptyEasel or on this blog. Leave your question or suggestion in the comment box below and I promise I’ll answer it either on the blog or with an EmptyEasel article.

And in case you don’t think it  matters, How to Blend Colored Pencil Drawings with Rubbing Alcohol  began as a reader question!

Whether you have a question or not, check out these articles and all of the great material available on EmptyEasel.

And don’t forget to share anything you find useful!

1. How to Blend Colored Pencil Drawings with Rubbing Alcohol
2. Anton Pavlenko: Painting to New Heights
3. How to Add Incredibly Thick Texture to Your Acrylic Paintings
4. How to Draw What You See
5. The Fascinating Painting Technique of Watercolor Batik
6. Painting Portraits from Photographs: A Step-by-Step Oil Paint Tutorial
7. How to Draw Realistic Wood Grain Details with Colored Pencils
8. Paint Better: Tips & Techniques for Mixing Oil Paint Colors
9. How to Draw Realistic Hair in Colored Pencil
10. Brush Cleaning 101 – How to Get Oil Paint Out of Your Brushes

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